Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crocs and shoes

What is it about crocs and shoes? There's a certain uneasy relationship there. Crocs often end up on shoes (or at least their skin does), crocs lend their name to shoes (although there are some that would disagree that they were shoes) and now a well-known fashion brand has decided to celebrate its association with crocs by launching... well, a new set of shoes. They've also put together a rather neat little website celebrating crocodile myths around the world. It's light on content but high on style, and certainly worth a look. It looks like they've taken some of their species facts straight from Wikipedia (not a good omen), and it contains some of the worse proof reading I've ever seen, so don't take it all too seriously.

It's interesting, though, that while many people tend to regard live crocodiles with a great deal of suspicion, the iconographic crocodile is often depicted in a far better light. Many crocodile logos depict cartoony, jolly creatures more likely to dazzle you with their smiles than bite your arm off. Some logos are used in a more traditional sense to represent adventure and the hint of danger. And some are used to emphasise positive traits about crocodiles, such as strength, or stealth, or resilience. The fashion house we're talking above above, Lacoste, has been using the crocodile symbol since 1927 (or so we are told) since Rene Lacoste was compared to a crocodile (for its tenacity) after losing a game of golf. They're quite proud of their logo, considering the lengths they've gone to in the past to stop anyone from trying to use similar logos (although they probably took it a bit far trying to stop a dentist surgery from using a toothy croc logo). Fortunately crocs have survived nearly 240 million years without being copyrighted.

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Erin O'Brien said...

Hello Dr. Britton. Your blog and webpage are very informative and interesting. I love the "Crocodile Talk" page.

Who knew crocs talked?

The "Courtship Bellow" even reminded me a bit of my own dearly beloved husband.

Thanks for some great pages.

Erin O'Brien
Cleveland, Ohio, USA