Saturday, May 22, 2010

Coming out of hibernation

Or rather aestivation, given that it's been the wet season for the last several months. Being the wet season, crocs are at their most active. While this has correlated to this blog being least active, that's because we've been out there chasing them around for various reasons and projects. I'll be talking about some of these in some upcoming blog posts, plus sharing some more thoughts on interesting croc-related matters.

But first, there is the small matter of getting some sleep and recovering!

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Wakefield Tolbert said...

Looking forward to many post-hibernation posts, Dr. Britton!

BTW: I'm sure you've heard of this research, or perhaps at some level had something to do with it.

I thought this was fascinating:

Mystery of Saltwater Croc means of long-distance ocean-going travel mystery solved?