Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CrocLog Podcast Episode 12

It's nearly Christmas, and that can only mean not one, not two, but three CrocLog Podcast episodes over the next few weeks! Here's the first one, Episode 12, which is a nice long one to make up for the interval since the last one. Episode 13 will be coming shortly afterwards and is much shorter, where we'll be talking about an upcoming fund-raising event for crocodiles.

In this episode we interview Subir Chowfin about his work on gharials in the Corbett Tiger Reserve in India. Brandon and I also bring you up to date on the latest crocodile news, some interesting recent research on crocodile sense organs, Brandon updates us on crocodile attacks, and I try my best to keep the distracting noise in my microphone to a minimum. The wonders of modern audio technology.

Links to the podcast and a few of the stories below:

1. Crocodile jaws are super sensitive:

2. Nile crocodile captured in Gaza Strip:

3. Last wild Siamese crocodile killed in Vietnam?:

4. How not to feed a wild crocodile:

5. Dozens of crocodiles escape from a farm in Vietnam:

6. American crocodile on San Andres Islands:

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