Thursday, July 31, 2008

Science Writer Awards 2008

As a scientist I've always strongly believed in the necessity to communicate science to the world at large. Science is often very much misunderstood, and poorly communicated. To many people the words "science" or "scientist" conjour up images of a bespectacled nerd in a white lab coat mixing the coloured contents of test tubes. In reality science affects us all and is of critical importance to our survival in the future... and the survival of species and habitats on this planet, which of course is one aspect of science that concerns me.

So the ability to communicate science and what makes it important is a real asset to a scientist. The recent Science Writer Awards 2008 present a number of excellent essays written by young scientists that highlight just how exciting and passionate science can be. They are all worth a read, as is watching the short video by luminaries in the field of science communication.

In some ways it is a little easier communicating how exciting science can be when you work on crocodiles, so I always admire those who can communicate a little of the passion they feel about their own area of science.

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