Monday, November 15, 2010

CrocLog Podcast - Episode 1

Prepare yourself, because we've just launched the new podcast, CrocLog. You thought it would never happen, or you never imagined that it would, but the ball is rolling.

I'm joined by Brandon Sideleau, a wildlife photographer based in California whose name I cannot pronounce, and we have a good chat about crocodiles, alligators and their toothy ilk. Brandon interviews Florida croc guru Joe Wasilewski, we discuss a couple of recent crocodile attacks, and we talk about some fascinating croc science that highlights the similarities between crocodiles and birds. We even speculate on whether the film-makers in the forthcoming Animal Planet documentary Into the Dragon's Lair get eaten or not.

Come and join us, because frankly nobody else is podcasting about crocodiles. It's our first podcast so go easy on us, but we think you'll like it. We're aiming this at a broad audience, so we'll happily talk science (although we promise to make it listenable), natural history, conservation or anything else interesting. We're also hoping it's going to be fun.

If you have any questions about the podcast, anything you'd like us to answer in future episodes, or just any general comments about it please let us know in the comments here. Alternatively, head over shortly to the official Facebook page (coming real soon now!) where you can join the discussion.

Expect a new podcast every couple of weeks or so, depending on our schedule.

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