Saturday, December 11, 2010

CrocLog Podcast - Episode 2

After the modest success of the first CrocLog Podcast, we're here with a second one. Unfortunately it's a little late due to a bout of some nasty virus preventing me from finishing it off. So the references to the two documentaries are a little out of date, although they're still being repeated regularly and you'll find them on the schedules.

I'm joined again by Brandon Sideleau, a wildlife photographer based in California. This time I interview Tom Nichols, a ranger in the crocodile management unit working for the NT Government. Tom talks about his job, and the issue of crocodile safety around a major city, which Brandon and I then discuss at some length. We also catch up on the latest crocodile news, some of it serious and some of it not so serious, discuss the National Geographic documentary Crocodile King, and answer a question that was posted on the discussion page.

Don't forget if you have any questions about the podcast, anything you'd like us to answer in future episodes, or just any general comments about it please let us know in the comments here. You can also join the discussion on the Facebook page.

Stories discussed in the podcast can be found here:
1. Conjoined crocodiles?
2. Mugger attack
3. Steve Backshall attack
4. Croc vs adult elephant
5. Croc vs baby elephant
6. Cat vs alligator

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