Friday, February 25, 2011

CrocLog Podcast - Episode 3

At last, here's Episode 3 of the CrocLog Podcast. Why so late? Well unfortunately we got hit by Cyclone Carlos recently and, while it wasn't any great shakes in the grand scheme of things, it did drop a record amount of rain on Darwin. We ended up with a lot of flooding around the place, trees down, power lines and telephone services interrupted etc. We finally have our phones back, but the internet is still highly unreliable. But adversity breeds determination, and it's finally uploaded.

So I'm joined again by Brandon Sideleau, a wildlife photographer based in California, and I interview Rod King who's head Thamarrurr ranger at Wadeye about crocodile egg collection training. Brandon and I discuss recent crocodile news, including some good news for the gharial, we chat about vegetarian crocodiles (no, really) and Brandon reviews a couple of recent documentaries.

Don't forget if you have any questions about the podcast, anything you'd like us to answer in future episodes, or just any general comments about it please let us know in the comments here. You can also join the discussion on the Facebook page.

I can't easily link to story from this podcast due to my internet problems, sorry about that, but we'll get right back onto that next time.

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