Monday, May 09, 2011

CrocLog Podcast - Episode 5

After a slightly longer than anticipated interval, the fifth episode of the CrocLog podcast is now available. To make up for it, this is the longest episode yet. By 6 minutes. Ok, that's not a great incentive, but the real reason you should listen is because it's a great episode and there's a special croc-related offer hidden in there somewhere.

I'm joined again by Brandon Sideleau, a wildlife photographer based in California, for a discussion of the latest crocodile news and television shows. There's a great interview with John Brueggen, the Director of the St Augustine Alligator Farm in Florida, plus the usual mix of crocodile news, science and TV show discussion.

Here's a list of links to those stories available online that we discuss in the podcast:

1. First Indian gharial breeding in US

2. Bhirtikanika crocodile deaths

3. Crocodile poaching claims in Australia

4. Mugger crocodile attack in India

5. Suicide by crocodile

6. First American crocodile attack in Florida

7. Diving with Crocodiles

8. St Augustine Alligator Farm

Enjoy the podcast, and as usual please send any questions or comments you have to us. If you have a specific croc question you'd like us to address, please let us know in the comments here. You can also join the discussion on the Facebook page.

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Richard said...

Hi I was the safety diver on the film Diving with crocodiles.If you have any questions contact me. I live in Botswana and I dive with crocs every year.

Adam Britton said...

Hi Richard, I've since spoken with Brad about this and my thinking on it has "evolved" to be honest. It opens up a lot of interesting questions, and what you've essentially done is tested one of those "what if" scenarios I've thought about often. Having dived with saltwater crocs I know what they're really like underwater, but in that case the safety steps we took were understandably very high, but it makes you wonder just what's possible. One of the big questions of course is what differences exist underwater between Nile and saltwater crocodiles?