Friday, December 09, 2011

CrocLog Podcast - Episode 6

 At long last, we're getting the CrocLog podcast up and running again. We had a bit of a hiatus for the last 6 months, mostly because I've been extremely busy and hardly in Darwin at all, which has made recording and editing podcasts a little difficult.

But now we're going to make up for that. We have not one, nor two, but three podcasts recorded and ready for you to hear. The first two were recorded over the last few months, but neither Brandon nor I had the time to edit them together properly. But no longer! And the third podcast was recorded last week, and contains quite a bit of great info about Lolong the world's largest crocodile. I still have to finish editing that one.

I'm not going to dump them all on you at once. There's only so much you can take of us talking crocs, I reckon, so here's the first one - Episode 6 - to be followed over the next few days by Episodes 7 and 8.

Episode 6 was recorded back in July, so the news items that we discuss are a little out of date, but they're still quite relevant and hopefully amusing in a few cases. The majority of the episode involves a detailed interview with Greg Miles, a former ranger in Kakadu National Park. Greg strongly believes that there are too many saltwater crocodiles in northern Australia and that their populations should be culled. Bear in mind that Greg knows and is passionate about crocodiles. So I was very curious to hear what he had to say. Brandon and I discuss this extensively. We also answer a contributed question about crocodile feeding.

I had to edit Greg's interview down quite a bit, but if you'd like to hear the entire thing you can download that right here.

Here's a list of links to those stories available online that we discuss in the podcast:

1. American crocodile attack not believed to be a crocodile attack:

2. Crocodiles crossing the Atlantic millions of years ago:

3. Crocodilian evolutionary divergence:

4. Large saltwater crocodile feeding on sea turtle at the mouth of the Jardine River:

5. Illegal wildlife trade, gharials:

6. Fatal mugger crocodile attacks:

7. Fatal saltwater crocodile attack in Sarawak:

8. Dentist bitten by crocodile while fishing:

Enjoy the podcast, and as usual please send any questions or comments you have to us. Please specify if you'd like us to discuss them during the episode. You can also join the discussion at the Facebook page.

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