Saturday, May 05, 2012

CrocLog Podcast - Episode 10

Episode 10 of the CrocLog Podcast is here at last. It's quite a long one though, so hopefully worth the wait. We're hoping to make future episodes a little shorter, but more frequent.

This time we interview the great Rom Whitaker, who has long been an inspiration for many of us, about some of his work in India with the Madras Crocodile Bank. Honestly we could have spoken with Rom for several hours, but maybe we'll do a follow up later. We also talk about recent news stories from April including crocodile bite forces, Cambodia selling off its National Parks to the highest bidder, American crocodile recovery in Florida, gharial recovery in Corbett Tiger Reserve, and more elelphant and croc interactions. Brandon updates us on some recent crocodile attack statistics, and we chat about the airing of the show Swimming with Crocodiles and a few behind the scenes tidbits.

Below you'll find links to the podcast and the main stories.