Friday, August 24, 2012

CrocLog Podcast Episode 11

After a possibly record-breaking interval of three months, Episode 11 of the CrocLog Podcast is finally available. As usual the delay is down to basically being very busy, but while Brandon was visiting me in Darwin last month we sat down and discussed some of the latest croc news.

We couldn't line up our interviewee for this episode, so they will be appearing in the next one instead. So instead Brandon and I discuss the recent CSG Working Meeting in Manila, a few more ongoing dramas with Lolong, taking tissue samples from Nile crocodiles while diving with them, giant prehistoric crocodiles, tiny extant pygmy crocodiles, and some recent crocodile attack incidents.

Links to the podcast and a few of the stories below:

1. Lolong officially world's largest living captive crocodile:

2. Largest extinct "true crocodile" found:

3.Giant mekosuchine from Australia:

4. Pygmy crocs are not a new species:

5. CSG Working Meeting report in CSG Newsletter:

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Adam Britton said...

I've updated the direct link to Episode 11 instead of Episode 10, sorry about that.