Monday, March 27, 2017

CrocLog Podcast - Week of 20th March 2017 (Episode 19)

Are you sitting down? Right, you probably thought it was dead, but here's a new episode of the CrocLog Podcast! Technically it's Episode 19, although we don't refer to it by number (dates seem to make more sense).

First off, I'm sorry about the terrible sound quality on this one. Brandon and I both have new laptops since we did the last one, and for some reason whatever magic formula we were using for sound quality has been lost, and it sounds... well, it's listenable, but it's certainly a lot way from ideal. We're looking at a different way of recording the podcast in the future, using high quality recorders which we can then sync up and edit together. We might also need new mics / headsets.

We're going to try and get these out a little more often (two years is way too long between episodes) by keeping them shorter. I think that's what we said last time, but maybe it'll work this time. In this episode we briefly catch up on some recent projects, talk about the new (upcoming) CrocBITE improvements, several crocodile attacks, discuss the renewed proposal for culling crocodiles in Queensland, discuss the influence of habitat degradation on crocodile attacks, and talk about fundraising events taking place in Darwin (of all places) later in the year.

Links and the podcast below: